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General Information
All accounts come with our control account - Cpanel.

You can access your control panel at: or you may use, http://your ip address/cpanel/

If using

(Note: this path will not be active until your domain has been transferred to our name-servers.) You will be asked to enter your username / password to gain access to your configuration. The control panel is pretty much self explanatory; however, a little information on the usage of each section is included below to help you, should you become confused along the way:

FTP Accounts
Accounts used to manage access to accounts on your web-space. The creation of an FTP account will allow users to log-on to a sub-directory from your main account, without gaining access to your main account. Sessions show users that are currently logged on to your domain.

Settings allow you to modify access to your anonymous FTP site.

We have numerous customizable CGI scripts that have been pre-installed on to the server for you to use with your own account. The only thing you need to do is to select the script you are interested in using, select the colors, style etc., and then click the
"Make HTML" button. You can then paste the HTML output into any of your HTML files for use with that system’s CGI program.

System Java works in exactly the same way as the CGI system outlined above.

Web-Page Protection
Web-page protection is used to limit access to any directory to users who enter a username/password combination. To protect a directory within your account:
1.) Click on that directory;
2.) Enter a username / password to gain access;
3.) Click add.

You can add as many users as you wish to this file. This protection is for resources accessed via the Internet only, and this will not create an FTP user.

However, do not use this system if you are already using FrontPage, as the two are not compatible. Rather, please use the security controls within FrontPage itself.


Email control panels allow instant creation of email POP3, forwards, and aliases.

A POP3 account is a stand-alone incoming email account. So, if you create u: john p: doe it all mail sent to, it will be routed to the joe email account. The user joe can then check this mail by logging into using his username and password. Note: all usernames automatically have a determined amount of letters of the domain name appended to the beginning of the username. So if john was a another domain user, the user would use as his incoming email server and use powerjohn as his login name to retrieve mail sent to

An alias forwards mail sent to one address to another POP3 account within your domain. For example if our recently created john account was going to
receive all mail sent to, we would setup sales as an alias to john. Note: by default, all names are not configured to the root account. So if you sent a message to it would be sent to your main root account, unless you had set it up as an alias, forward or POP3.

A forward account forwards mail sent to to an address completely out of your domain. For example if john had an AOL account and wanted to check all his mail there, you could setup john to forward to

Access Stats
Provides access to many different programs that will analyze your access logs and show you more information about your web-site’s traffic.

Allows you to change your main account password. It is recommended good practice to change this password at least once a month.

File Manager
Allows you to modify the files on your web-site in real-time via a web-based interface. You can perform many commands, such as CHMOD, as well as actually editing a file and saving it directly to the web-server.

Java Chat
Allows you to access your personal java chat server and supplies the code needed for you to use this product on your own site.

Handlers / Types
You will probably never need to use this portion of your control panel. A MIME type basically tells the web-server that a .html document is a web-page, that a .gif doc is a gif image, etc. If you would like to configure a custom MIME type, such as making .pictures a gif image file, you would enter it here.

Error Editor
This section lets you customize the errors that your users will see - instead of the generic server errors. You can setup a 404 page to redirect users to your main web-site, instead of defaulting to a dead document.


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